Complete Nutrition Therapy

  • Convenience always does not have to mean Compromise
  • Read-to-eat meals does not always have to mean Nutritionally Deficit
  • Busy Schedules always does not have to mean Neglecting your Health

At ‘Puresaiens’ we empathize with the same and therefore, we bring to you ACTIV8; A Powerhouse of Natural Ingredients!

A scientific blend of highly nutritious foods that nourish the human body with all the essential nutrients. The scientific recipe developed by enormous research of our ‘R&D team’ makes ‘Activ8’ a unique superfood that can heal the human body in various ways. Each step in the recipe is designed with appropriate scientific understanding so that each ingredient in ‘Activ8’ adds its best nutritional value.

Scientific Formulation

Serves Complete Nutritions

It is a perfect blend of 100% natural ingredients, a scientifically selected superfood that will keep you nourished for more than 8 hours. It limits your calorie intake which helps your body fight obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and neurologic disorders.

A bowl a day will keep your hunger and craving away.

It’s 100% vegan, natural, and gluten-free – with no preservatives, processed sugar or refined grains. So, if you are looking for keto diet, intermittent fasting, weight-loss diet or just some self-love – this is for you!

The presence of various high grades of superfoods with scientific amounts makes the Activ8 a complete nutritional therapy.

Cashew, White Sesame Seed, Moringa, Almond, Chia Seed, Cinnamon, Walnut, Flax Seed ,Honey, Hazelnut, Dry Cranberry, Azwa Dates, Coconut Flakes, Dry Blueberry, Oats Pumpkin Seed, Green Raisin, Rock Salt, Watermelon Seed, Rose Flower, Black Sesame Seed, Hibiscus


Activ8 Science

Complete Nutrition Therapy

activ8 new-min

Convenient, packaged and ready-to-eat foods with readily available OTC vitamin and mineral supplements that come in capsule form; Doesn’t provide your growing baby or your ageing mother(parents) the daily dose of nutrition they need for a healthy life! What it does, on the other hand, depletes the natural healing capacity of the human body as it works hard trying to digest synthetic and processed ingredients. Whereas, the natural ingredients present in Activ8 keep you satiated for 8-10 hours; Which primarily reduces the number of meals you eat with your mid-day snack.

Delving a bit into the science behind this – During your feeding period, cells engage in tissue specific process of growth and elasticity; but as soon as you are in a fasting stage; minimization of anabolic processes takes place i.e., your body minimizes synthesis, growth and reproduction – this in turn favors the repair and maintenance system, recycles damaged molecules, promotes cell survival all of which aid in improving your health and fight diseases.

Breaking it down into simpler terms your body goes through a metabolic switch from using glucose that fuel your energy to burning fatty acids and ketone bodies that gives you efficient energy and weight loss as a result in a healthy and natural way!


Delicious Nutritious Superfood