B2B Bulk Supply

PureSaiens source directly from the farmer groups which helps to maintain a robust supply chain system with our customers both in Domestic & International market, with a dedicated team of experts, we ensure timely delivery of our quality products.

We supply our products to various domestic and international food manufactures, processors, traders, corporates, private and government institutions in bulk packaging. We offer our products in bulk sack packs such as 25kg, 30kg, 50kg, and as per client’s requirement.

Under PureSaiens Brand

PureSaiens presents a range of curated products handpicked from the finest farms with scientific cultification and harvesting processes. Explore our ultra premium, exquitse products revealed by their delightful natural colour, taste, and aroma.

PureSaiens products are presented in a food grade, reusable, “Collector’s-Edition” bottle pack that will delight you to create a designer’s kitchen shelf storage.

We are committed to our product purity, scientific processes that impart and preserve authentic natural taste, nutrients, and organic health benefits.

Backward Integration – Contract Farming

With rising challenges of product quality in the agro industry, Backward integration is a proven strategy to grow authentic and quality food products. Backward integration includes effective approaches such as identification of right farms, skill development of farmers, assistance to farmers on sowing seeds and bio inputs, implementation of standard organic and IPM farming procedures, farmer training on pre and post harvesting, sampling and analysis at various stages, farm data collection to ensure traceability, and 100% buy back agreement with farmers.

PureSaiens offers Backward Integration Program with farmers with your association. We are well connected with varoius farmers groups and can implement BI programs for various organic and IPM grades food products.